Sadly, you won’t be getting a new page of Fenlands today. The thing is, the story has gotten to a point where we just need to finish it. We are missing only ten or so pages and they need to be read at one sitting. We had still planned to post pages today, but realized that it just won’t work. So. This week you’ll get some art by Tuomas and as soon as we finish all the pages you’ll get the end of this story line.
Thanks <3

A new way of doing things

Hi guys!

We are going to change things up a bit. From now on Fenlands will come out every two weeks, but you will then get three pages. This is solely to benefit the story. We have been thinking of doing this ever since the beginning, as the story is quite slow burn for a page a week, but wanted to have a steady pace. Now that we are speeding up towards the end of this story it is the smart thing to do. Oh did I mention the end? Yes, well, the end of this particular story will be upon us at some point, but don’t worry, there will be loads more stories of Aisling and Mr. Caoimhin to be had!

So, the next three pages will be out on Friday the 28th of August, and every two weeks from that.

With love,

Glitch in the machine

Hi guys!

Due to an unexpected Windows update from hell, we won’t be able to upload a new page today. What we can do is give you the page in black and white. The regular colored page will be posted on the website tomorrow, Saturday the 15th.

With love,

Vacation mode!

As posted in Facebook and Instagram, we were on vacation mode last week ! The plan was to post about it here too, but well, we forgot 😀 Sorry!

Never the less, here is a little treat. We commissioned this beautiful piece from our super talented friend, Eisner award winner, Max Sarin! Isn’t it just perfect?

Video for Oulu Viral comic festival: Sarjakuvasivun anatomia


So, we made a series of 3 videos for the Oulu viral comic festival. The first one is us talking about script writing, the second is Tuomas drawing and inking a page and the third is Sari coloring it. We will add all 3 videos to this post. The videos are only in Finnish for now. We might add subtitles later. Hope you’ll enjoy them! Let us know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to know about making comics! We’ll try and answer the best we can.

Something extra

Hi guys!

Hope you have enjoyed the pages thus far! Many of you have requested that we’d publish more pages weekly. As that is sadly impossible at this moment due to both of our other projects, we will try to get you some extra stuff every now and then.

Now the first 20 pages of Fenlands were always meant to come out at the Tampere Kuplii comic festival as a print version. As the festival was cancelled and the print never happened, here are the first 20 pages as an issuu link. We hope you’ll like it! We are still drowning in Fenlands pins and stickers after the cancellation and trying to figure out how and where to get those out.

Also, the Oulu comic festival will now be held online at 11.-12.4.2020. We will be making a video for that about the anatomy of a comic page. Which means that we will be making a page from script to a finished product on the video. You will see how we script things together and every work stage after.

Sari & Tuomas

Tampere Kuplii comic festival cancelled

Due to the corona virus the Tampere Kuplii comic festival has been cancelled. Sad, but more than understandable on a time like this.

We will try and figure out a way of selling all the stuff we had made for the festival through some other means and will let you know soon.

It makes us very sad not being able to see all of you after all but let’s hope that we will get another opportunity for that soon ❤️

-Sari and Tuomas

Tampere Kuplii Comic Festival

As you might have guessed from the headline, we will be at the Tampere Kuplii comic festival on March 21st and 22th. We have a table on the second floor of Tampere Talo where we sell our comics. Including a 20 page comicbook of Fenlands! There aren’t that many so come and get yours before they run out. We will also have awesome stickers of Mister Caoimhin and other goodies! We’d love to see all of you there, so take your friends and family and come on over!

Here’s a little animation Tuomas made to celebrate the true star of the comic, Mister Caoimhin.

Page 14 of Fenlands is now out! https://www.fenlandscomic.com

Julkaissut Fenlands comic Perjantaina 28. helmikuuta 2020

Tuomas and Sari
March 6, 2020

It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Suddenly, on Friday the 13th we realized that the comic absolutely had to start on that exact date. As everything about this comic has happened quite suddenly and we’ve mostly just gone with the flow it was the right decision to also start the comic like that. The first page is now out and the rest will follow every Friday from now on. Come and follow us in Facebook or Twitter and we’ll remind you there about new pages. Oh and we also have an Instagram now! We are trying to post snippets of our work flow and such in social media so it’s worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy the page and see you again in few days with page 2!


Welcome to the world of Fenlands

Fenlands is a webcomic by Tuomas Myllylä and Sari Sariola and you have come to the right place to start reading it! We will start publishing the comic on this page by the end of the year. To stay updated on when exactly, find us on Facebook or Twitter!

The idea for Fenlands was given birth over a cup of coffee. “Why haven’t we written a comic together?”. So we did. And this is it. A Victorian horror story about Aisling, an Irish immigrant and a medium. Or if you ask her “I have a bit of the old devil in me”, which is also very true. She is working her way from house to house as a maid, looking for her place in life. With very limited luck in that department, the job at Abercrombie manor feels like a heaven sent. Aisling packs her belongings and Mister CaoimhĂ­n, her cat companion, and off she goes. This is where our story starts. Full of new hope and sunshine. And ghosts and ancient horrors from the deep. But more about that later. For now, welcome, we are so glad you have found us!

Tuomas and Sari
December 3, 2019