About the Authors:

Fenlands is a webcomic by us, Tuomas Myllylä and Sari Sariola. The comic was written together over a couple of days time and way too much coffee. It all started from an innocent conversation of “why haven’t we made a comic together?”. So we did. And this is it. In Fenlands, Tuomas is doing the drawing as Sari takes care of the colors.

We are both from Finland, we both love movies, comics and especially horror. Both are gothic in their own way, Sari wears black and Tuomas has a lot of swords. And between us we have three cats and a dog. Which you might have guessed over the fact that there is a cat in pretty much every picture on the site. There are also tentacles on a lot of the pics. Sadly we do not have a monster. Yet.

Before Fenlands Tuomas has earned his chops making comics like Pakanat that is a massive revenge story that spans over decades and has over 300 pages. Sari has been coloring comics off and on for the past ten years while also working on graphic design and making ginormous paintings of people(and sometimes cats). We have made two other comics together before this one but in those Sari worked solely as a colorist. So this is our first venture into writing together. We are loving it and hope you will too!

About the comic:

Fenlands is a Victorian horror story about Aisling, an Irish immigrant and a medium. Mind you, she is not a particularly good medium. Most of the time she just sees strange things from the corner of her eye and wishes it all went away. She does have a very cool magical companion though, Mister CaoimhĂ­n. He can also see things, which, granted, is not that strange given that he is a cat.

Aisling is working her way from house to house as a maid, looking for her place in life. Immigrants, especially Irish ones with red hair that talk to cats are not on demand on her day and age. So the job at Abercrombie manor feels like a heaven sent. OK the swamp right outside is kinda creepy and she does keep seeing ghosts everywhere she looks, but it’s probably fine. All fine. Right? No, probably not. It is a horror story, after all.

The comic will come out at the pace of a page a week, on Fridays.