Tampere Kuplii Comic Festival

As you might have guessed from the headline, we will be at the Tampere Kuplii comic festival on March 21st and 22th. We have a table on the second floor of Tampere Talo where we sell our comics. Including a 20 page comicbook of Fenlands! There aren’t that many so come and get yours before they run out. We will also have awesome stickers of Mister Caoimhin and other goodies! We’d love to see all of you there, so take your friends and family and come on over!

Here’s a little animation Tuomas made to celebrate the true star of the comic, Mister Caoimhin.

Page 14 of Fenlands is now out! https://www.fenlandscomic.com

Julkaissut Fenlands comic Perjantaina 28. helmikuuta 2020

Tuomas and Sari
March 6, 2020

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